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An Overview of Lotus Learning Foundation

Lotus Learning Foundation is an organization working towards impacting, transforming and improving the lives of people in semi-urban and rural areas of northern India, especially in villages across Uttar Pradesh. To do this, we established our flagship school “Lotus Krishna Vidya Bhawan” in April, 2017 in Sarfabad village in Noida, India. Leveraging education & technology right from our classrooms and through our other programs, we engage the community with experts, to create unique models for sustainable living.
To create a better life and a roadmap for development and a model of growth across areas like health, hygiene, social inclusion, and environmental protection, we use a five-petal approach

Roland Schatz Senior Advisor to Under Secretary General, United Nations

‘Life in villages have improved substantially after Lotus Learning foundation started its various programs. Lotus Learning foundation vision is to help students, farmers and women through educational and other awareness programs. Lotus Learning foundation provides villagers with a good opportunity to become a part of the development process.’

Roland Schatz
Dr. N. Radhakrishnan Chairman Gandhi Smarak Nidhi

‘It has been a great day for me to have visited this great experiment in community building through education. Realising the importance of children's education, the Lotus Foundation led by Mrs Poonam Mittal and her family has taken upon themselves the mighty task of educating children in values. Your efforts need appreciation and support. May you be all blessed. Best wishes’

Tamar Guttmann Budding Educationist from Netherlands

‘You have truly touched my heart and changed my life. Thank you so ,so much for your incredible work building. Lotus your beautiful smile, incredible songs, and inspiring welcome here. Good education is at the base of all greatness and I am sure that the kids wear will rise above the stars thanks to you. Together we'll march on to change history in the 21st century.’

Eda Nur Yilar Expert in Public Affairs from Germany

‘I am very happy and grateful that I had the chance to come here and meet you all. This truly is an amazing start in 2019. The fact that you all came here to meet us despite holiday season, prepared an amazing concert for us and told us about your dreams, shows that you are very happy here. I wish you all the best in achieving everything you want to. If I can contribute to that in any way, I would be more than happy to do so. Let's stay in touch! I am looking forward to come back and see you all again.

Zinuk Johannes (John) Business Expert from Germany

‘Dear children, teachers and school administration team, thank you very much for welcoming us with open arms. It has been a very long time since I have been in a classroom and school yard. To start the year 2019 with meeting you, smiling and feeling of happiness give me the courage to do more. Thank you! I hope that everyone's dream will become true and you all stay healthy! Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know. Stay open minded and greet everyone with a big smile..’

Highlights of Global Dignity Day

held on 12th October, 2018 in The Millennium School, Noida

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