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Art which makes a Difference

A good painting makes people happy, and having the ability to create painting makes Nadeem Shaikh very blissful. What makes him special is that he uses his feet to create his paintings.

Mohammad Nadeem Riyasat Ali Shaikh was born without hands in Mumbai. From a very young age, he has been painting using his feet. He developed an interest in painting when he was in grade seven in a school for special children. Here, his teacher took the initiative to teach him art and now he is a professional artist making eye-catching painting. He is also master of portraits and has mde portraits of many celebrities and dignitaries of various organization. Some spectacular qualities of Nadeem is that he is easy to work with and highly committed to his painting. Needless to say he won’t rest until every painting and every work he undertook is completed as per schedule. A very humble person, he still wants to learn and achieve a milestone in the art world.

Lotus Learning Foundation has supported Mr. Nadeem Riyasat Ali Shaikh by giving him an opportunity to prepare gifts to be presented to guests at Global Dignity Day.

Lotus Krishna Silayi Kendra

As part of our skill development and women empowerment initiative, we piloted the tailoring school at LKVB last year.

After undergoing training at the sticking school for 6 months, the students, who were mainly illiterate women from the village and few are the mothers of students studying in our school, were given an in-house paid apprenticeship to stitch uniform for the students. As a result, they left the program confident and prepared to take up stitching assignments and felt empowered to be able to contribute to their household expenditure.

Adult Education For Women

As part of our women empowerment initiative, we conduct English speaking classes and overall personality development lectures which are mainly taken up by our Founder, Ms. Poonam Mittal

Highlights of Global Dignity Day

held on 12th October, 2018 in The Millennium School, Noida

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