Dr. Johannes Tröger

Dr. Johannes Tröger was born in 1980 in Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city. After finishing school at 17, he did 10 months of military service in the Franco-German Brigade. He went on to study History, English Language and Literature, and Economics at the University of Bonn. After receiving a Master of Arts, Johannes started teaching Modern History, focusing on the History of Ideas. His PhD thesis, finished in 2014 and published in 2016, investigates the thought of Catholic intellectuals in Germany and Great Britain. Looking for a new challenge, Johannes left the academic world in 2014 and joined AMERIA. The innovative Heidelberg software company operates at the cutting edge of digital transformation developing digital platforms for brick-and-mortar retail and Smart Cities. As Senior Vice President, Johannes heads the Strategy & Business Development unit. Ever since school, he has been involved in a number of charitable, cultural and political projects. His passion is the unification of the peoples of Europe.


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