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To achieve its aim of social inclusion LLF ensures that each segment from the community is involved in the process, right from school children to adults. This is done to build a sense of belongingness and ownership for every program that is designed for them. Our core areas of work include Education, Health, Environment, Employability and Animal welfare.

Lotus Krishna Vidya Bhawan

Lotus Krishna Vidya Bhawan is a school of the 21st century where each student is inspired to learn, and come here because they want to and not because they have to.

The School provides formal education but also focuses on holistic personality development of the child. We offer Smart Classes and varied activities like computer application, pottery, art, craft, yoga, performing arts, and swimming and games like football, cricket and hockey and athletics at a highly subsidized fee. Our teaching pedagogy is based on the idea of creating value for self and others. Our teachers, most of whom are from the local community, are thoroughly trained in this methodology by our founder Poonam Mittal.

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Skill Development & Support

Mohammad Nadeem Riyasat Ali Shaikh was born without hands in Mumbai. From a very young age, he has been painting using his feet. He developed an interest in painting when he was in grade seven in a school for special children. Here, his teacher took the initiative to teach him art and now he is a professional artist making eye-catching painting. He is also master of portraits and has mde portraits of many celebrities and dignitaries of various organization.

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Sakura Peace Institute

Lotus Learning Foundation established a Peace Institute in August, 2019. The aim for this institue is to bring together small and big scale projects that are conducted together with these communities. While we were discussing this concept the board of LLF came to a joint conclusion that this institute will be a platform to nurture the creative, life-enhancing potential of each person and to further employ this potential for the greater good of the humanity.

We will be curating dialogues on various topics and are also utilising this place as a library.

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Animal Shelter SPCA

(Society for the Prevention of cruelty to Animals)

LLF funded various dog shelters at the SPCA in Noida. The shelter is home to more than 500 dogs where they are provided a safe environment, food and medicine. We have established the following sections

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Global Dignity

In 2006, three Young Global Leaders began a conversation at the World Economic Forum about how polarized the world felt.

John Hope Bryant, CEO and Founder of Operation HOPE, based in the United States, Pekka Himanen, author, professor and advisor to the former Finnish President, and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, met for the first time at the World Economic Forum in 2006 and felt compelled to do something that would spread the values and principles behind this powerful concept of “dignity.”

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