Lotus Krishna Vidya Bhawan

Lotus Krishna Vidya Bhawan is a school of the 21st century where each student is inspired to learn, and come here because they want to and not because they have to.

Vision -

To build a world where children are nurtured to become socially empowered and economically developed.

Mission –

Lotus Krishna Vidya Bhawan aims to provide effective means for healthier and productive lives in the village of Sarfabad where children come to “GROW, EXPLORE DISCOVER.

To achieve this change we work consistently with the community members and our partners by organizing cultural, social and health events like Art Competition, Dental Check-Up, Quiz Competition and General Medical Check-Ups for the citizens of Sarfabad Village. Our partners play an invaluable role in making the vision of an educational institution a success.

Highlights of Global Dignity Day

held on 12th October, 2018 in The Millennium School, Noida

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Students in Lotus Krishna Vidya Bhawan