Ms. Nicole Huber

For over a decade, Nicole has been the driving force behind a number of successful projects that have earned Heidelberg an excellent reputation. She is a proven expert in strategic city marketing, digitization of municipalities and state-of-the-art forms of citizen participation. Nicole successfully leads the city through national and international competitions to shape the future and thus sets an example for a modern and transparent urban development. Heidelberg has a great future ahead of it - "Smart City Development" is one of Nicole's current focal points. With the Heidelberg Innovation Park (HIP), an innovative "digital hub" on one of the central conversion sites, Nicole has created another lighthouse project that inspires urban developers worldwide. She has won renowned companies to invest in and settle in the city's up-and-coming digital hotspot. All of her competences, experiences and personal skills combined, Nicole makes an excellent leader and popular keynote speaker on the topics of modern and future-oriented city development. Recent invitations included the United Nations, which have asked Nicole to give an insight at the World Economic Forum in Davos on how Heidelberg managed to successfully and humanely deal with the refugee crisis.


Unique. Powerful. Creative.

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