Shri Virender Singh

We are honoured to have Arjuna Award Shri Virender Singh renowned free style wrestler who has done India and all of proud in the field of wrestling - winning medal after medal – gold silver and bronze in various Deafolympic Championships in Australia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Taipei. He has also been awarded the Rajiv Gandhi State Sports Award by the Government of India. Apart from these accomplishments he has also won the World Title at the World Championship and then 7 more medals at different international championships. Born to a farmer family, he trained to become a wrestler encouraged and motivated by his father and uncle, and quickly grew to master the nuances of wrestling and become a champion. He is presently training the next generation of wrestlers at the Sports Authority of India. His talent and intelligence on the mat is unmatched, his charisma is enigmatic and smile infectious despite the mud and dirt of the soil.


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